Giveaway: Win an Amazon Fire TV! [Updated with winner!]

A couple weeks ago, we published our review of the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon's first digital streaming box. Although it was a champion when it came to speed, there were certain things that it lacked when it was measured against its competition. But, overall, its a pretty good streaming box that has its clear advantages. 

While we could just let this review unit sit around and collect dust in the Neowin "employee lounge", we felt it would be much better if we just did a giveaway instead. So for the next week, you will have a chance to enter this giveaway by simply leaving a comment below stating what your favorite thing about Amazon is. To increase your odds, you can comment once (and only once) per day.

That's right, no Rafflercopter! This is purely for those that follow the site and read Neowin on a daily basis. This contest will start as soon as the post is published. It will end on Wednesday, October 8th, at 11:59 p.m. PST. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator

As a disclaimer, this is a review unit and will not come with a warranty. The giveaway will be only open to those in the United States since the box cannot stream content outside of the country. As always, read the full terms and conditions, you will be abiding by these terms by entering the giveaway. 

Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations go out to Neowin reader, Xerino! His entry was randomly selected out of over 200 entries. A huge thanks to everyone that participated!

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