Gartner: XP can be 'green' too

Earlier this month, Microsoft Corporation announced the results of tests by U.K.-based PC Pro Labs that said Vista's improved power management features could reduce carbon emissions for a business with 200 PCs by 45 tons annually, and save the company $90.50 per PC per year in electricity costs. According to a Gartner Incorporated analyst, businesses should instead look at ways they can save electricity on their XP-powered PCs as they could reap about the same savings in electricity and carbon dioxide emissions by reminding users to shut down PCs after hours, show them how to remove screen savers and put monitors into stand-by mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. "Before embarking on an expensive Vista upgrade to achieve green benefits, businesses should spend a much smaller amount on a broad-based education and training program to help staff understand why saving energy is important to the business. Businesses shouldn't justify upgrading to Vista just because of improved power management," Simon Mingay wrote in a research note this week.

News source: ComputerWorld

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