Google Calendar now has a nifty way to filter out spam invites, here's how to use it

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If you're an active Google Calendar user but are bothered by waves upon waves of spam invites, Google may have worked out a solution for you. The company has implemented a configuration that only displays invites from "known senders".

If you're wondering what known senders are, these would include people with the same company domain as you, those in your contact list, and people with whom you have interacted before. Everyone else is considered an unknown sender.

To be clear, it's not like unknown senders won't be able to send you invites at all. They'd still be able to send them but they won't appear on your calendar unless you accept the invite. As such, this is more of a display preference in terms of how cluttered you want your calendar to be.

Admins have the ability to change this default display preference at a domain level and end-users also have the capability to modify it according to their liking. The way to do that is to navigate to Settings > General > Event settings > Add invitations to my calendar > select "Only if the sender is known".

The feature has already started rolling out and is following a gradual rollout cadence, which means that it should become visible to everyone within 15 days. It is being made available to all Google Workspace, legacy G Suite Basic, and Business customers, as well as those with personal Google Accounts.

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