Google could remove SMS/MMS capabilities in future update to Hangouts

Google has been trying hard to push the Hangouts app as a complete solution for instant messaging, voice calls and SMS. However, a rumour has now indicated that the company might be looking to remove the app's SMS and MMS capabilities.

Phandroid has revealed that Google is testing a build of Hangouts sans SMS support. Since the discontinuation of Google Talk earlier this year, Hangouts has been the company's go-to app for all types of communication. Google has failed to make the app as popular as Talk, which might have urged the company to rethink its current strategy.

According to the report, the company wants to focus on instant messaging with Hangouts and utilize the Messenger app for SMS / MMS. For those curious, Google Voice and Project Fi capabilities will still remain as part of the app. It is worth noting that the company also has a separate Hangouts Dialer application which provides internet based calling functionality in some parts of the world, in case it plans to drop Voice from Hangouts.

Source: Phandroid | Image via Google

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