Google ditches RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome

Many users are still upset that Google plans to shut down its Google Reader RSS subscription feed website on July 1. The decision continues to be debated in Internet circles, and now it appears Google is already distanced itself from other RSS services.

TechCrunch noted today that Google has removed its RSS Subscription Extension for its Chrome web browser from the Chrome web store. It's not immediately clear just when the extension went missing, but the intent seems to be clear: Google wants to get out of offering any support for anything that's related to RSS in favor of its own Google+ service. TechCrunch further reports that the RSS Subscription Extension no longer works for people who have previously downloaded and installed the plug-in on their Chrome browser.

Meanwhile, the online petition to save Google Reader that started up late on Wednesday has now generated more than 100,000 signatures in 48 hours or so. The Next Web got a response from Google about the petition, but the statement seemed to ignore its existence. Instead it said, "We’ve given an overview of our reasoning and plans on our blog posts on the Official Google Blog and the Google Reader blog, and we’ll be communicating directly with our users as we make these changes."

Source: Chrome Web Store via TechCrunch | Image via Google

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