Google Fiber in Kansas City is live - and fast!

The world’s been talking about Google Fiber, the service that promises customers gigabit Ethernet, for quite a while. It was originally announced in March of 2011 but was delayed in January of 2012. Google announced some new hardware for the service this past July, and Hanover Heights was picked as the first location the service would be offered in.

The future is now: this past Tuesday, Google officially rolled out service to Kansas City, Kansas, and the results are spectacular. Although sites like can’t actually keep up, when using Google’s own speed page, results are through the roof. In a video posted by Google Fiber beta user Johnathan Duran, you can see download speeds of over 300Mbps through the new service. He said that it took roughly 15 minutes to upload the 46 minute, 1.7GB file to YouTube.

In addition to blazingly fast Internet access, Google TV is also available to residents of Kansas City, including a DVR and a Nexus 7 remote control. If you want to drool with envy, we recommend watching the entire video.

While we wanted to post about this on the release date, the article didn’t finish uploading until today. We obviously need to move our headquarters to Kansas City, Kansas.

Source: Google, Johnathan Duran's YouTube

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