Google Fiber to offer WiFi hotspots in Kansas City

In July, Google revealed the first concrete details of their Google Fiber plans for Kansas City, Kansas and the neighboring Kansas City, Missouri. They included an offer to give residents of both cities a 1 Gbps Internet service, plus a television service. Now it looks like Google will offer yet another service for residents of those cities.

The Kansas City Star reports that, in promotional fliers for the Google Fiber service, the company said it would also install "Google-powered WiFi hotspots in your favorite public spaces around Kansas City." A spokesperson for the company said that the WiFi hotspots were part of the agreement with both cities for the initial Google Fiber launch.

Google will install, at their expense, WiFi antennas at over 400 locations in Kansas City. While the WiFi can be set up to be free for the public to use, Google's spokesperson said, "It’s really up to the discretion of the public building managers."

In related news, the official Google Fiber blog has posted an update on which channels it will offer for its television service, which comes with a 2 TB DVR and a Nexus 7 tablet as a TV remote. The company will offer the pay TV channels Starz and Showtime for a fee beyond the basic $120 a month service, along with a selection of Hispanic channels. The service still does not have support for popular channels such as HBO, CNN, Fox News and more.

Source: Kansas City Star

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