Google is bringing low light mode to its Duo video chat service

If you've ever been making a video call and you just look too dark, Google's got a solution for you. The Mountain View firm today announced low light mode for its Duo video chat service. It's exactly like it sounds, adjusting the brightness of your video feed.

It doesn't require any special hardware, just in case you thought this might be a Pixel-specific feature. It's going to be rolling out to all devices using Duo, including both iOS and Android devices. There will be a toggle within the call that you can turn on to automatically adjust your brightness.

Of course, brightness controls within video chat apps are nothing new. Various apps like Skype allow you to manually adjust the setting. The one thing that appears to be different with Google's offering is that it's just a switch, which will automatically adjust it to optimal settings.

According to Google, the feature is aimed at users that have an issue with electric lighting. The company noted that some people have a space lit by a single electric bulb because electricity is too expensive.

Low light mode in Duo will be rolling out for iOS and Android this week.

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