Google launches App Policy Center to help publishers manage their app policies

Google is making it easier for publishers to manage how advertising policies are being enforced across their apps with the launch of the App Policy Center. This is essentially a centralized dashboard for Google AdMob and Ad Manager users to manage policy enforcement and violations in all of their apps.

The App Policy Center will display any ongoing violations being served to each app, and what kind of punishment may be enforced, such as ads being partially or completely disabled, while the violations are unresolved. The dashboard also lets publishers appeal the policy enforcement, or head to Google Play to fix the identified problems before submitting the app for a re-review.

According to Google, centralizing all of these actions aims to make it easier for publishers to view and address any violations more quickly in order to minimize revenue loss. Nonetheless, publishers will still get e-mail notifications for any major occurrences, such as a policy being forced, a warning being issued, or a review request being accepted.

Monetization through advertising is an important component of many free apps, so it's natural that Google wants to make it easier for publishers to make money with its platform. Earlier this year, the firm also introduced rewarded products, letting customers benefit from certain premium features by watching ads instead of paying money upfront.

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