Google maps car hits a deer, records it all. Oh deer

Update: Google has responded and states "the deer was able to move and had left the area by the time the police arrived".

It's a sad fact that deer get hit by cars everyday but not everyday does a Google Maps car hit a deer and record the event. It's a sad fate for the deer but the entire event was recorded and uploaded to the live version of Google Maps.

You can attempt to view the picture here but that particular spot is being hit pretty hard by traffic; a screen capture is posted below.

The Google employee had to have known that they hit the deer but the more interesting thought is why did they proceed to upload the images? Is Google that determined to be the first to map the roads by street view that they don't care what goes live on their site?

Regardless this can be added to the long list of odd and funny things that have been caught on Google Maps.

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