Google street view car stopped for driving in bus lane

There are certain things you don't do in your car when your employer is paying you to drive around. One thing people may still do even if they are being paid to drive around is speed; maybe not excessively or on purpose but it happens.

If you are paid to drive around with a huge camera recording all your events attached to the roof of your car you should probably obey all traffic laws to the best of your ability. Not so is the case for one Google street view driver who got pulled over by the cops.

Below are a few pics of the incident, one must wonder if Google left the pics in for public shame or if they slipped by quality control. Either way, its results are quite amusing.

Update: It has been shown that the car driver was driving in a bus lane and that was the reason for the ticket, not a speeding ticket. The interwebs can now sleep soundly once again.

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