Google's new Christmas logo is musical

Google is known for creating animated logos for special occasions such as, for example, the birthday of Jim Henson. In today's newest logo creation for the Christmas holidays, users can head to the main Google page and click on the multi-colored boxes below the logo's numbers. That changes each letter above the box to a familiar holiday image such as a snowflake or a Christmas gift. It also turns the page itself black

When all six boxes are clicked, the logo starts moving around while "Jingle Bells" plays in the background. Don't worry; if you want to you can turn off the music by clicking on the music note next to the boxes.

In related news, Google is teaming up once again with NORAD to help people track the progress of Santa around the globe on Christmas Eve. The official Google blog site reveals several ways of checking out St. Nick as he works his magic. One is to track him via Google Maps on the web site starting on Saturday at 2 am Eastern time. You can even track him on your PC via the Google Earth plugin and there are also mobile apps available to keep an eye out on Santa.

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