Hacker demos new untethered iPhone jailbreak; should work on iPad

On his blog, iPhone hacker, George Hotz, who is also known as geohot, has posted a video on YouTube that's exciting jailbreakers worldwide. In the video, Hotz demos the new untethered iPhone OS 3.1.3 jailbreak for models containing Apple's latest bootrom. Current methods of jailbreaking requires newer versions of the devices to be tethered to a computer or special dongle in order to boot up. This solution has been sufficient for some users, but a nightmare for those who like to run down their battery or frequently reboot their devices.

This new jailbreak, which has yet to be released, is said to work with the iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 2G and 3G, and will most likely be compatible with the soon to be released iPad. Steve Jobs can't be in a good mood after seeing this news. Apple is almost sure to strike back with an even newer bootrom in their next generation iPhone.

According to his blog, Hotz doesn't plan to release the jailbreak anytime soon. It's possible that he's waiting for the iPad or next version of the iPhone OS to be released. The less Apple knows about the methods used by the jailbreak, the less time they have to stop it. Now we wait.

Below is Hotz's video demo:

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