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Hacker says Windows is more secure than Mac; calls Apple fans "ignorant"

Lifehacker pointed to an interesting piece over at CNet. In a Q and A interview by Elinor Mills, hacker extraordinaire, Marc Maiffret, has said what no one before him dare say--Windows is more secure than Mac OS. While Apple likes to claim a higher security standard than their rival Microsoft, Maiffret, who is now the Chief Security Architect at FireEye, begs to differ.

When asked about the current state of security in Microsoft products, Maiffret responded:

"Now when you look at Microsoft today they do more to secure their software than anyone. They're the model for how to do it. They're not perfect; there's room for improvement. But they are definitely doing more than anybody else in the industry, I would say"

In a follow up question, Maiffret was asked if he feels Apple is taking security seriously. In his response, Maiffret calls out Apple and its "ignorant" community saying:

"It's even a little scarier with them because they try to market themselves as more secure than the PC, that you don't have to worry about viruses, etc. Anytime there's been a hacking contest, within a few hours someone's found a new Apple vulnerability. If they were taking it seriously, they wouldn't claim to be more secure than Microsoft because they are very much not. And the Apple community is pretty ignorant to the risks that are out there as it relates to Apple. The reason we don't see more attacks out there compared to Microsoft is because their market share isn't near what Microsoft's is"

Marc Maiffret began hacking as a teenager. He was a lad of 17 when he started eEye--a company focused on product development and vulnerability research. Since then, Maiffret has become a revered expert in the world of software security.

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