Hades now has cross-save support between PC and Switch versions

Supergiant Games announced cross-platform saves as a feature for its award-winning roguelike Hades back in August, with the capability slated to arrive alongside the Switch version release. While this launch window was missed, the studio has now finally delivered the feature to the game.

Players on PC and the Nintendo Switch console can now transfer their save files between the two platforms, letting them pick up from where they left off in either platform at any time. Both Steam and Epic Games Store versions of the game have support for this feature.

Supergiant urged Hades players to have separate save slots between the PC and Switch versions, possibly to avoid accidental overwrites. Switch owners will now find a Cross-Save option in the main menu, letting them link either their Steam or Epic Games account that also has a copy of Hades. Once enabled, the Switch version's save will be uploaded to the cloud when quitting the title, letting the designated PC version access them. The PC versions' save files are synced to the cloud by default through their launchers, so there is no separate in-game option for enabling it.

Hades is currently only available on PC and Switch platforms, though it is likely more console launches will follow soon, possibly with cross-save support between those versions too.

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