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Having TPM issues? Microsoft working on a new Windows 11 "TPM troubleshooter"

windows 11 tpm

Earlier today, Microsoft released its latest Insider build, 25905, to the Canary channel. The new build gets Rust in its kernel, and much more. A new Microsoft Store update that shows the lowest price info is also available.

Alongside all those announced changes, the Redmond giant is also working on a new TPM troubleshooter option inside the Windows Security app. The image below on the left shows the Security processor troubleshooting menu inside a previous build, 25314. The one on the right though is the newer one on build 25905 and as you can see, there is a new "TPM troubleshooter" section right under the Error messages section.

Security processor troubleshooting option in Windows 11 build 25314
New TPM troubleshooting option inside Windows Security app on build 25905

Hence, in case of error messages, like the one you can see on the left which says "Can't get TPM information. Contact your device manufacturer", the troubleshooter will provide with possible solutions to resolve the error. The option wasn't available on our updated system so it is likely rolling out gradually.

TPM and the general system requirements of Windows 11 have often been a bone of contention. Microsoft has in the past explained in detail the benefits of features like TPM 2.0 and VBS (Virtualization-based Security). The company also presented a demo to explain how such features can protect against cybersecurity threats like hacking.

Security researchers recently pointed out a new vulnerability dubbed "faulTPM" which can lead to bypassing fTPM on AMD Ryzen systems. And sometimes, bugs in Windows components like Defender can lead to the system not detecting the TPM itself. And as well as those, TPM attestation bugs exist too.

Interestingly, very recently, a senior Microsoft exec suggested that future Windows 11 versions might sport more such TPM-like security processors. It is unclear at this point what exactly these chip-level security options will be.

While we are on the topic of troubleshooters, Microsoft also updated the Windows 11 activation troubleshooter recently to make it more consistent with the Windows 11 look and feel.

Via: PhantomOcean3 (Twitter)

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