Intel G35 chipsets will not support DirectX 10 until 2008

Intel's IGP (integrated graphics processor) chipset G35, which is scheduled to launch in third quarter this year will not support DirectX 10 until 2008, according to sources at motherboard makers. Intel's G35 chipset was originally planned to support DirectX 10 at launch time, but due to the delay of a DirectX 10 driver, Intel currently schedules to launch the alpha version DirectX 10 driver in fourth quarter of 2007 and will launch the final version in first quarter of 2008 if the process goes well, noted the sources.

In addition to desktop chipsets, Intel's Centrino notebook platform (Santa Rosa) chipsets, GM965 and GL960 (scheduled to launch in third quarter) will both delay their support of DirectX 10 until first quarter of 2008 too, added the sources. With Intel planning to cut into the discrete GPU (graphics processor unit) market, some motherboard makers think Intel will need to step up its graphics driver development, otherwise the company's driver problems will definitely lower its competitiveness in the GPU market

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