Internet activist and founder of EFF John Barlow has passed away

John Perry Barlow, 1947 - 2018

Co-founding the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in 1990 alongside Mitch Kapor and John Gilmore, John Perry Barlow was always a staunch supporter of a free and open internet. At the age of 70 and 27 years after founding EFF, Barlow has passed away in his sleep. A very comprehensive article on the founding of the EFF, authored by Barlow and published in the year 1990, can be found here.

Alongside founding EFF, Barlow also found the Freedom of Press Foundation and was a lyricist for the American Rock Band, The Grateful Dead. Through the EFF, Barlow sued the government for what they believed to be infringements on citizens privacy rights or otherwise unconstitutional.

It is hard to underestimate the value John Barlow and the EFF had in shaping the internet as we use it today and the EFF will no doubt continue their activism in regards to supporting an open internet.

Source: EFF | Image by Emily Allstot via Wikimedia Commons

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