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Interview: Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, Part Two

Courtesy of yesterday's GoldenEye: Rogue Agent presentation by senior producer Chris Plummer, we brought you a ton of information on the pseudo-sequel to Rare's N64 smash hit (anyone who missed it, click here). Today we conclude our exposé on one of this year's biggest titles with a hard-hitting interview with Plummer (who sadly refused to give us a rendition of Edelweiss), where we get answers to the burning questions.

Interview by Johnny Minkley

EA's Bond games, rightly or wrongly, have always lived in the shadow of GoldenEye since the original came out - it's an untouchable classic. So after all this time of trying to compete against it, did EA simply think: "Sod it, we've got the licence, let's do a GoldenEye game and just milk it"?

Plummer: No, it's been a transition period for Bond, right? He's gone through trying to be a spy game/first-person shooter to be ultimately probably where he should be, which is in a third-person stealth game.

And so this is more about us kind of realising that to do a game that lives up to the original GoldenEye, is a different style of game - it's not a gadget, creep around, fumble-through-a-bunch-of-inventory-items-to-get-through-a-door type of game, it's about running in guns blazing and mowing down a bunch of people and having a blast doing it. It's the style of game that I think is the fundamental change.

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