iPhone girl scared from attention

A Chinese factory worker who became an internet sensation after a photo of her flashing a peace sign was left on an iPhone has been identified.

The photo was left on an iPhone delivered to a British customer who posted it up on an Apple message board. Since then the photo has gone around the world and people have tried to identify the mystery worker.

Foxconn, which makes the iPhone for Apple, has now confirmed the girl has been identified but says her job is not at risk and has called the incident a "beautiful mistake".

However the girl herself is more than a little perturbed by the reaction to the picture.

""She's just a young girl who has come to the city from her remote hometown. She's never been in such a situation," a Foxconn representative told the South China Morning Post.

"She's really scared by the media. She told me she wanted to quit her job and go back home to get away from this. We let her off work today so she could rest. "

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