Ivy Worldwide SMB Survey Winners announced

Ivy Worldwide had asked us if we would publish a request for members to take part in a survey; Ivy represents bloggers as well as companies like Lenovo who are reaching out to our readers. Unfortunately a Neowin member did not win first prize, but we did manage to clinch no fewer than three of the five second placed prizes, Go Neowin!

They are kfonda, SamalamaLeesaWho all of which have yet to post in our forums, but have been registered since 2006, '09 and as recent as July 15th respectively.

The prizes:

Due to the nature of the selection process (random email selection) I can't supply the details of the winner because we only have the email address, which was cross referenced with our member database. But our three winners will be contacted by Neowin, and will receive instructions on how to claim their prize.

Congratulations to our winners!

View: SMB Survey Results | 2MB PDF

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