Kickstarter UK will launch on Halloween

Kickstarter, the internet based crowd-funding company, has announced earlier this year its plans to launch its services in the UK and it seems that's finally happening at the end of this month. Folks can even start creating projects today, but they won't go live until the 31st.

The great part is that both US and UK projects will be listed alongside each other. The main difference is that UK backers will see their own currency listed on the projects with automatic conversion to USD for those living outside the country. Same goes true the other way around, the pound being automatically converted to dollars if a UK citizen is pledging to a US project. Another difference is that payments from UK donors will be entered directly in the Kickstarter site and be processed by a third party instead of Amazon Payments.

Lastly Kickstarter has made it clearer which projects would incur international shipping charges so backers don't run into any unexpected complications.

Source: Kickstarter Via: The Verge

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