$13 Txtr Beagle: the world's cheapest and smallest E-Reader

If you thought the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader had a sweet price point at $119, then the Txtr Beagle Read-only will more-than-likely interest you, as it only sells for $13.

You're probably expecting some downsides as to why the price is so low when compared to other e-readers so here is why: the tablet doesn't support WiFi or 3G, has 4 GBs of non-expandable memory and takes three AAA batteries once a year. If these things don't bother you, then this might be the perfect e-reader for you.

German company Txtr already has e-reader book store applications for iOS and Android, but feels it could cover more turf in the market with this cheap device. This bare-bones book reader comes in the range of colors you see below, which means there's still a good selection of choices for the variety of people that may be interested in the device.

Source: Mashable

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