KIN ONE and TWO resurrected and returning to Verizon

KIN Returns

It seems like yesterday when Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, said that the KIN ONE and TWO were taking away attention from Windows Phone 7 and, therefore, had to be discontinued. It also seems like yesterday when Microsoft employees felt embarrased by the failure that the product was.

Yet, somehow, none of that really matters anymore. PPCGeeks got their hands on a leaked Verizon roadmap, and guess what two devices make an encore appearance? It seems that the Kin is making a comeback and will be called the KIN ONEm and KIN TWOm. It's unclear that the "m" stands for, but hopefully it stands for the "money" Microsoft hopes to recover from the first KIN failure.

It seems, according to Engadget, who have confirmed the leak roadmap, that the phones are able to run off of the usual Verizon data plans (or used without one) and be pitted against regular ol' powerful smartphones. However, it's very possible/likely that this whole re-release thing could just be a way for Verizon and Microsoft to clear out their excess KIN inventory. Either way, the KIN is returning before year's end. Looks like someone's prayer to Santa just got answered.

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