Kings Quest 2 VGA v2.0 Remake

King's Quest II was the sequel to the original King's Quest game designed by Roberta Williams. Many people regard this to be the game most in need of an upgrade. Several people were discontented with this sequel, believing the puzzles were illogical, and the storyline was too sparse. Additionally, the graphics, which were impressive for its time, are now painfully outdated, and several computers cannot even run the game with sound anymore! To make things even worse, this classic is no longer available in stores.

The King's Quest II+ VGA remake will be similar to Tierra's King's Quest I VGA remake, which upgraded the graphics and interface of the original King's Quest game, but this time, with added storyline, puzzles, art, music, atmosphere, depth, culture, and more--basically, the whole nine yards!

News source: Gamer's Hell

Download: Kings Quest 2 VGA v2.0 Remake (43Mb) | Digital music pack (60Mb) | Speech pack (30Mb)

View: Official website

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