Kirby will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch, but it will be a year until we can play it

While Kirby might not get all the limelight like Mario or Zelda, the character has starred in numerous titles over the past two decades and has continued to have a steady flow of games released even over the past couple of years. Today, Nintendo announced its plans to bring the protagonist to the Switch, making its HD debut.

The new game is simply titled Kirby and looks to offer the same kind of action-platforming fun one would come to expect from a Kirby game. Much like previous titles, you'll have the ability to swallow enemies and take on the abilities that they possess. In this new adventure, it looks like you will have the ability to play with friends, for a total of four players on screen at a time and will be required to solve puzzles to progress through levels.

Although Kirby does look amazing in HD, eager gamers will be in for a bit of a wait, as the title won't arrive to the Switch until sometime in 2018.

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