Large online advertisements are catching on - study

One year ago, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released standardized formats for three types of "large-format" online ads. According to a new study, these large ads are slowly but steadily carving out a niche for themselves on the Web.

The three standard large-format ads are known as "skyscrapers," "squares" and "rectangles."

Skyscrapers come in two sizes: 120x600 (120 pixels by 600 pixels), and 160x600. The ubiquitous banner ad, by way of comparison, is 468x60.

Squares are 250x250, while rectangles come in four different sizes ranging from 180x150 for a small rectangle to 336x280 for a large rectangle.

Charles Buchwalter, vice president of media research for Jupiter Media Metrix, told Newsbytes the large-format ads accounted for just 4 percent of all online ad impressions in April of 2001, or 2 billion impressions. Just nine months later, the new format was up to 5.7 billion impressions, or 9 percent of total online ad impressions.

He predicted the new ad format will continue to enjoy "consistent" growth in the future, but not "dramatic" growth.

"It is somewhat safe to say the larger ads have gained traction and are popular. But the next innovation might be just around the corner and no one can see it yet," he said.

The most important change the larger format has brought to the online advertising industry is the ability to experiment, Buchwalter said. Smaller ads will not disappear, he predicted, but the new ads are a boon to a sector that desperately needed some help.

"However prevalent the 468x60 banner is, it is not equivalent to a 30-second TV spot," he said. "In a time when many are questioning the validity of online advertising, we think the force of innovation and experimentation is giving the industry its sea legs."

News source: NewsBytes

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