Latest Windows 11 update 22000.652 (KB5012643) has an annoying Safe Mode flickering bug

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Microsoft released an optional Windows 11 update 22000.652 (KB5012643) a couple of days ago that added several changes and bug fixes including one that led to near-hour long startup delays. However, the update has apparently introduced a new bug to Windows 11 systems wherein there is flickering on the screen when one enters the Safe Mode.

The issue was first brought to attention by German outlet Deskmodder which noticed the problem. Others like XanxoGaming, that posted the early Ryzen 7 5800X3D review, also noted the issue:

Deskmodder has also provided a workaround wherein one has to choose 5 or F5 instead of 4 or F4 as apparently the problem seems to not occur when the network drivers are loaded as well.

In the known issues list of the release, Microsoft hasn't mentioned this bug which could mean that the company is unaware of the problem. So for now, if you are someone who has to use the Safe Mode for some reason, it may be best to avoid this optional Windows 11 update.

Source: Deskmodder

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