Lenovo announces the Yoga C930 with a redesign and Yoga S730 with Whiskey Lake

Lenovo isn't short on announcements at IFA in Berlin today, announcing a new Yoga Book, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme, and the first Snapdragon 850 PC. But the firm also announced a couple of other Windows 10 PCs, the Yoga C930 and Yoga S730.

OK, before we go any further, let's talk about branding. Lenovo is completely changing the way it brands its mobile PCs, and Yoga doesn't mean it's a convertible anymore. Yoga just means that it's premium, while IdeaPad means it's mainstream. After that, the letters C, S, and D will stand for convertible, slim, and detachable, respectively.

So, the Yoga C930 is the direct successor to last year's Yoga 920. Interestingly, Lenovo didn't upgrade the CPU at all, as it still offers Kaby Lake R, even though Intel just announced new Whiskey Lake chips.

One of the key differences in the Yoga C930 is that the watchband hinge is gone, and now the Dolby Atmos speakers are included in the new hinge. These are front- and rear-facing, so you can get great audio quality whether using the device as a tablet or as a laptop.

Along with the Dolby Atmos audio quality improvement, the display is improved with Dolby Atmos, and the 13.9-inch screen goes up to 4K UHD. There's a privacy guard on the camera, and just like last year, it has far-field voice microphones.

One more improvement that's worth drawing attention to is that the pen is built into the device, similar to the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. You'll no longer have to plug a holster into the USB ports.

And then there's the Yoga S730, which as you should know by now from your crash course on Lenovo branding, is a clamshell laptop. This one does include Intel's new Whiskey Lake processors.

The company says that the S730 has three "razor-thin bezels" and an "ultra low-power FHD display". Like the C930, it includes Dolby Atmos, but the big selling point is likely going to be that it's just 11.9mm thin and weighs in at 1.2kg.

The Yoga C930 will be available in October starting at $1,399.99, and the S730 will arrive in November, starting at $999.99.

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