LG continues its ad campaign showing off the seamless camera for its upcoming G6

We are only a couple days away from the start of Mobile World Congress and LG has continued its advertisement of its upcoming mobile device, the G6. While it won't give us a glimpse of the device, it has been dropping clues as to what kinds of features the handset will offer.

The latest videos posted to its YouTube channel tackle two premises: a phone that is too large and a camera that is seamless. We have known for quite some time that the handset will include big features in a small body thanks to its "Wish List" teaser video posted last month. LG is able to accomplish this thanks to its use of a 'Full Vision' display that will offer a unique 18:9 aspect ratio.

As for the seamless portion, it appears that LG is keen on highlighting the fact that its next smartphone will offer a camera that does not protrude from the body. As LG continues to play coy, we have seen the handset in its unofficial capacity via several leaks that have cropped up over the past couple months.

Neowin will be present at the LG event to give you our hands-on and first impressions of the G6. Also be sure to stay tuned as we cover more interesting finds from the show floor.

Source: LG Mobile Global (YouTube)

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