LineageOS updated with major changes, adds support for a couple new devices

It wasn't that long ago when Cyanogen was dissolved, leaving many to question the future of the OS. Luckily, an ambitious crew would start a new project, giving birth to a spiritual successor known as LineageOS. In only a couple months, the project would amass over a million installations and would be available for 80+ devices.

As it has done over the past few months, Lineage has once again issued a progress report on its website that details all of the changes and additions that have occurred for the OS, which can be found below:

Major changes since July 3rd

  • Even more Jelly improvements
    • Search on page has been added
    • No longer saves form data when in incognito mode
    • Changed to Google as the default search engine, home page and suggestion provider. This can still be changed in Settings, just like before
    • Added the Yandex search engine
    • Media can now be displayed in full screen mode
  • Merged July security patches for both LineageOS 14.1 and 13.0
  • Merged August security patches for LineageOS 14.1
  • Sensitive number improvements
    • Countries with multiple MCCs are now supported properly (including GB, US, and India)
    • Added multiple 116 numbers in various European countries
    • Added sensitive numbers for Greece
  • Date can now be hidden on the LockClock widget
  • Updated Chromium Webview to version 60 (60.0.3112.78)
  • A number of deadlocks/freezes/crashes in AppOps have been fixed
  • The updater app now warns in case mobile data is about to be used for a download
  • “Panic detection” mode is now enabled. Pressing the back button several times in quick succession will return you to the home screen
  • Fixed a number of crashes and removed a screen for single SIM devices in the Setup Wizard
  • Eleven (Music app), Snap, and Gallery are now properly granted external storage permissions
  • On dual-SIM devices, the preferred SIM for SMS is no longer reset on reboot
  • Infrastructure


  • CVE tracker improvements
    • Added a dark theme - makes it easier on the eyes!
    • Added a new landing page to answer some FAQs

Lineage has also added support for new handsets like the ZTE nubia Z9 Max and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. If interested in experimenting with a new OS, be sure to check out the website at the source link below.

Source: LineageOS

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