LG officially outs the V30, coming August 31

LG has now made things official - the V30 is touching down in Berlin on August 31 during the firm's unveiling event that is set to be held one day before IFA.

The firm previously announced its event in Berlin but didn't state exactly what would be shown off. Although the new invitation solidifies what exactly is coming, it doesn't give us any new information about the device.

But, if we use our imagination a bit, it could be LG giving us a clue. We know from a previous report that the firm is planning to ditch the secondary display in favor of something called the 'floating bar'. If the new image can be used for reference, we can see that the "by initiation only" area is clearly in the very top corner. Although this may simply be a coincidence, this is the area where the ticker display used to reside on the V20 and maybe this is how things will be displayed on the new V30.

While we won't be seeing the handset in its official form for close to a month, luckily we saw some new images of the handset courtesy of production company HitRecord that should tide us over.

Source: LG via Android Authority

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