Logitech shows off a SmartDock accessory to make cable management easier

At Microsoft's Ignite 2016 conference last year, Logitech introduced the SmartDock, a device that aimed to "revolutionize Skype for Business meetings". This year, the company is showing off a new accessory for the device that should make cable management a little bit easier.

With the way that the SmartDock currently works, numerous cables are bundled into one big, thick, and bulky cable. It's hard to bend and it gets in the way, not to mention that when users move the device, parts of it will often fall out of their ports.

But the new, currently unnamed accessory aims to change all of that. Attaching to the bottom of the device, all that comes out is an HDMI and a Cat 6 network cable. The range has been extended as well, from 30 feet to 50 feet. And the cables are attached, so they won't fall out if the device is moved.

There's also a box that can go right behind the monitor, which is the companion to the accessory.

Logitech also said that there have been some improvements to the SmartDock itself. While it previously came with a Surface Pro 4, it now comes bundled with the new Surface Pro, which was announced by Microsoft back in May.

There are software improvements as well. Microsoft has improved Skype Rooms with dual-screen support, and the software for the SmartDock itself now supports skins.

The Meetup, a conference camera for huddle rooms announced by the company in June, is now certified for the SmartDock. Also, Meetup is the first to be certified for Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant.

The new SmartDock accessory doesn't have a name yet, and there's no information on pricing, but we'll find out more next year.

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