Low income Texas school district chooses Windows products over Google Chromebooks

Products based on Microsoft's computing platforms have been chosen by a low-income school district in Texas and an educational academy in London due to the features provided at reasonable costs.

The Willis Independent School District in Texas has revealed that it has chosen the Windows 8.1-powered ASUS Transformer Book T100 tablets to make their students ready for the modern world when they graduate.

According to the Director of Technology at Willis, Deborah Menefee, the school district contemplated ordering Chromebooks, however, they were unimpressed by the restrictions that came with the cloud-powered devices. She added that, "They (students) want to know where Word is or where Excel is because that's what they're used to using."

The Twickenham Academy of London, on the other hand, has deployed Microsoft's Surface tablets in order to prepare the students with "the tools that they'll actually be expected to use in the workplace now and in the future."

This isn't the first time that Microsoft's familiar software and established ecosystem has worked in its favour. Earlier in the year, Miami's public school system ordered 100,000 Windows 8-based devices for its students. Even the German government retracted its decision of using OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office due to users' affinity to the latter. A school district in LA canceled its massive iPad order after realizing the limited nature of computing possible with the device.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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