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MagicTracer Turns Raster Bitmaps to Vector Artwork

Elgorithms develops a raster to vector conversion program, the recently unveiled program called MagicTracer. Raster to vector programs autotrace bitmap / raster images and turn them into vector linework. While the major raster to vector software offers few feature and high prices, MagicTracer bucks the trend in favor of more features at a low price.

As the new kid on the block Elgorithms, MagicTracer's publisher hopes to attain recognition with it's software's ease of use and solid feature set. MagicTracer differs from other raster to vector software by offering both graphic editing capabilities and vector conversion. This makes MagicTracer a sort of hybrid program, one part bitmap editing / cleanup, one part vector editing / cleanup, and one part autotracing.

While the program is still in its infancy, the version 1.0 released late last year is like the 4th or 5th version of most other programs. There were very few bugs and all the tools worked like it was supposed to. This was due to the extensive beta testing at Elgorithms and the experience of lead developer Chao-Chyuan Shih, who lead the development team of DesignCAD in years past. MagicTracer gained a lot of positive feedback from users as a result. Today with over 14,000 downloads in less than 1 year since launch, MagicTracer is poised to become a key player in raster to vector conversion.

Download: Latest version of MagicTracer
View: MagicTracer Raster to Vector Software Details
Link: View or Download Videos of Vectorization in MagicTracer
Link: Get the MagicTracer Press Kit

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