McAfee founder arrested in SWAT-style raid

We've said it before, but yeah, we're really not sure what to make of this one. Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee has apparently been arrested after a raid conducted by the Belezian equivilent to a SWAT team, as is being reported over at The Washington Post. McAfee is being charged with 'unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of unlicensed weapons,' charges that McAfee says are bogus.

In a brief interview posted to YouTube (below), McAfee says the whole incident was 'a shock to everyone involved,' and that he's 'sure it'll never happen again.' McAfee says that the over 40 heavily armed members of the Belezian GSU (Gang Suppression Unit) raided his home/research center not because he was in violation of any laws, but because he refused to to give money to an unnamed politician before last month's election.

In case you're wondering what McAfee is doing in such an out of the way place as Belize, he says that he moved there to pay less taxes after losing all but $4 million of his $100 million stash in the recession. McAfee himself hasn't been involved in the company he founded since the '90s, but he's worked on a variety of products since then, and regardless of how dire his financial situation might be, it's utterly bizarre to think that he would decide to set up a Central American drug manufacturing business.

If you're interested, you can check out McAfee's full statement over at Ken Smith's Leaving America blog, or join in on the discussion in our very own forums.

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