Memorex nods to the mods

The company, known for its CD and DVD drives, on Tuesday launched its Modz line of accessories, which are designed to make PCs more colorful from the inside out. The Modz line of 24 products focuses on lights, fans and cables. With the line, Memorex is aiming for "modders," youthful consumers who want to alter the look of their PCs--a trend that's become more popular in recent months, the company said.

Modz features cold cathode lights in a single tube or double tubes, a fan with a blue light-emitting diode, and colored cables for connecting drives and other components to the PC's motherboard. The double-tube lights, which come in a kit for $27.99, bathes the inside of the PC with neon blue. The fan, which costs $10.99, also glows blue when it is running. And the connecting cables, which range from $7.99 to $16.99, come in blue, black, copper or silver.

"Connect with style," urges the Modz Web site, whose design relies heavily on black and neon colors as well as modish consumers. However, style comes at a cost. "The flexibility of this product makes it more susceptible to breaking," the site warns in regards to its cables. "Be careful not to twist the cable excessively."

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