Mercedes says no to surfing on the road

Thank goodness common sense has stopped one instance of technology for technology's sake :)

Drivers don't want to surf, they want to know where the nearest petrol station is...

Mercedes-Benz said internet access should not become part of standard car equipment.

The German car manufacturer has slammed its rival's Volksvagen's and BMW's attempts to sell vehicles with internet connections and said drivers' do not want to use the internet whilst they're inside a car.

Jurgen Hubbert, a brand director at Mercedes-Benz, said other car manufacturers are failing to listen to their customers when they are making technology decisions, according to the German business magazine Focus.

Hubbert in an interview with Focus said consumers don't want to search for information or shop online whilst they're in a car, but they would like simple information services such as the location of the nearest petrol station, road information and so on.

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