Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

I saw over at gamespot, which is a great artical for all you Metal Gear fans. I never played it myself, but the article makes me look forward to the sequel.

Today, if there's any type of hide-and-seek going on, it's among the programmers who are furiously trying to hunt down the final bugs in the game. In the main development area, a war-room-like space no larger than a high school gymnasium, 70 programmers, designers, musicians, and artists are part of the blandly named "Production Department #1" responsible for Metal Gear Solid 2. In one corner of the room Scott Dolph, international affairs manager, walks by and pulls out his cell phone--it has the Metal Gear Solid 2 theme programmed as a ring tone. The phone begins to play the theme; you get the sense everyone has heard it just a few times before.

Screenshot: Programing room for Metal Gear Solid 2

View: Read the rest at Gamespot.

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