Intel to license HyperTransport

The Inquirer has reported that Intel may be forced to adopt HyperTransport for its own technology in the near future but oh god, how embarrassing it all is. HyperTransport, pushed hard by AMD and adopted wholesale now by a large number of hi-tech companies, got a knocking from the chip giant around the time of the August Intel Developer Forum but now it looks as though it will have to jump on this bandwagon too. The reason is not to use it with its X86 processor business - oh no.

But Cisco, a not inconsiderable player in the computer business, has laid down the line on the standard and said that if Intel ever wants to sell networking chips to them in the future, it had better take out a licence.

Now Intel is trying to figure out how they can do it without being caught out. But... oops, we already know and so now lots of other people do as well...

News source: The Inquirer - Intel to license HyperTransport

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