Microsoft Silverlight 4 set to be released April 15

Microsoft said on Tuesday that Silverlight 4 will be released on April 15.  The update includes many key additions including support for Google’s Chrome browser.  This additional support should help with the adoption of the platform as it competes head to head with Flash.

Silverlight 4 includes webcam and microphone support, multicast streaming, output protection and offline DRM. Silverlight 4 will also allow you to watch streams on multimonitors and carry on working on other monitors. The update also promises to enhance the overall user experience, improving speed, performance and rendering for browsers.

Microsoft officials confirmed the update will be available on Microsoft’s website on Thursday but no specific time was given.  Silverlight 4 was originally demonstrated at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference in November 2009. Microsoft released some statistics on Silverlight 3, being installed on 33% of all computers and mobile phones during summer 2009. Silverlight 3 is now installed on approximately 45% of all computers and mobile devices around the world today. Silverlight is being touted as the de-facto platform for development of Windows Phone 7; expect to see tighter integration to that platform as we approach the holiday season in 2010.

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