Microsoft Edge Canary now supports Coupons on Android

Microsoft Edge is frequently updated on PC and mobile, especially in channels such as Dev and Canary. Approved features and fixes typically get promoted to the Beta release before eventually being made public. We recently found out that Microsoft has been testing reverse image search capabilities in Bing sidebar in Edge Dev on desktop, and today, it has been revealed that shopping features such as Coupons are being tested in Edge Canary for Android as well.

The change was spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2, who noted that in order to get coupons in Edge Canary on Android, you need to enable the #edge-coupons-enable flag from edge://flags. After you restart the browser, you'll notice the "Coupons" setting enabled in Settings > General. This can be disabled as well.

As the name suggests, Coupons on Edge essentially notify you of any discount coupons available for the website that you are visiting. At the time of checkout, you can tap on the shopping tag icon in the address bar to get a list of valid coupons which you can then manually apply. Edge can also automatically apply coupons which will offer you the most discount.

This shopping feature was enabled by default in Edge 87 for PC when it was rolled out back in November 2020. Now, it seems that it will be making its way over to mobile devices too, naturally. As this capability is available on our test devices running Edge Canary build 92.0.884.0, as well as those owned by Reddit users, we can assume that this flag is visible to all Edge Canary users, and is not part of a controlled rollout.

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