Microsoft fights app gap perception with new videos

Microsoft has been trying to make its stores more attractive for developers by offering better revenue splits than Apple and removing annual fee for being a developer. But, the 'app gap' perception is still strong, although, Microsoft hopes to curtail that image and has released a couple of new videos.

The company has put out two new videos that pivot around the idea of showing ten apps for a particular topic. In these two advertisements, one focuses on storm chasing and the other about making music. 

Both videos are trying to accomplish the same goal, prove that Microsoft's stores have plenty to offer its users. While these videos will likely help persuade consumers that the 'app gap' is only perception, the company will likely need to do a lot more than push these two videos to truly change consumer opinion.

Why? Well, Microsoft's stores may have apps, but the true gap is in the support of application. Twitter and Instagram, for example, are missing many features from its iOS and Android counterparts and the same can be said for nearly every other cross platform app. Until Windows Phone and Windows 8 can gain more market share, the app stores will typically be a second class citizen for cross platform developers.

Source: YouTube

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