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Microsoft: Halloween VIII document leaked

Another ludicrous marketing memorandum has been leaked from the sieve that is apparently Redmond, just recently. Eric Raymond's printed it, albeit with his unnecessary commentary interspersed in the text.

It's actually a fairly typical internal marketing document. You recall, marketeers aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer -- they need lots of explicit direction, if only to keep their tiny noses well browned up.

However, the main points of this latest Volish Halloween at Thanksgiving document seem to be:

* Notice Open Source announcements and get it right: study or adopt.

* Escalate the important stuff so Vole Central can apply the brains.

* How to Escalate: send it to the OSSI list (more about this, anon).

* Commitment from Corporate: we'll help, if not right away... later.

Tactics alluded to include: astroturf campaigns, attacking journalists, and suborning regional political interests for Microsoft's purposes.

What's clear is that Microsoft is now scared sh*tless about Open Source adoption by governments and large corporations, even regional department initiatives. They're mobilizing the troops of green marketeers to it.

News source: The Inquirer

View: The Memo

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