Microsoft has updated Sway again, this time with improved OneNote integration and more

Microsoft is building a new story-telling application for Office that is called Sway. The tool, which is a compliment to what PowerPoint offers, is getting a few new features that should help you to complete your Sways faster and make it easier to share.

In this update, Microsoft is allowing you to now add images from OneNote to Sway, embed content from more third-party sources, along with new photo options and easier sharing of your content.

The expansion of embeddable content now includes Office Mix,, MixCloud and even Sway itself; you can now embed a Sway within a Sway.

Photo options have also been improved that will allow you to make this type of media be more engaging. The new options for photos are listed below:

  • Comparison will let you use a slider to visually compare two images overlaying each other, instead of seeing them side by side. Moving the slider in either direction will hide more of one image so you can see more of the other.
  • Slideshow will let you peruse multiple images as a carousel, slider or a slideshow with thumbnails. Slideshows will be perfect for having all your images in one place.

You can check out Microsoft's post on all of the changes here but the important takeaway is that the tool is developing at a rapid pace and every few weeks more features are being added. It's because of this rapid release cycle that you can begin to understand that Microsoft sees Sway like any other app in the Office suite which means we fully expect this cadence to continue.

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