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Bing Image Creator officially supports DALL-E 3 and is now in Bing Chat Enterprise

bing image creator

Along with all of the updates for Windows 11 this past week, the Bing division has been pretty busy as well. Last week, Microsoft confirmed that OpenAI's new DALL-E 3 AI art generator would be incorporated into Bing Image Creator, and now that feature is available for all Bing users.

Mikhail Parakhin, one of Bing's executives and the recently announced head of a new Windows and Web Experiences team posted late Friday on his X (formerly Twitter) account, "Rolling out DALL-E 3 in Bing broadly - should be at a 100% by 8PM PST." He also posted what we assume is a "rad" example of the art made by the newly updated Bing Image Creator.

That's not all the Bing team has been up to. The official Microsoft Bing blog has posted another release notes update. It mentions that the business-themed Bing Chat Enterprise now has access to Bing Image Creator as well.

Staying with Bing Image Creator, the blog says that the feature now inserts a way for people to find out if a "photo" or a piece of artwork is in fact made by the generative AI art maker:

All AI-generated images created by Bing Image Creator now include an invisible, digital watermark that adheres to the C2PA specification. This watermark includes the time and date it was originally created and confirms the provenance of the image to be AI-generated.

In addition, Bing Chat Enterprise now has access to the visual search feature that was put into the standard Bing Chat earlier this summer. This means users of the business version can now upload an image and ask Bing Chat Enterprise questions about the image and more.

Finally, the blog mentions two other updates we have reported on before. One is that the SwiftKey mobile keyboard can let you access Bing Image Creator directly. The other is a big update in the quality of answers people will get from Bing Chat while it is set to Precise mode.

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