Microsoft: No plans for 64-bit Silverlight 3

Once again Microsoft is going back on its push for 64-bit computing for the masses.

In an interview with ars technica Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of Microsoft's .NET Developer Division gave the following response regarding Micrsoft's 64-bit Silverlight plans:

Right now our plan is to run SL in 32-bit mode (and not have a 64-bit native version). This is mostly because other browser plug-ins (and most browsers) don't support 64-bit yet. We are looking at adding native 64-bit support in the future though.

The lack of companies supporting the push for 64-bit computing is evident and Microsoft needs to lead the way to ensure people can swap to 64-bit browsers and use the addins they are familiar with.

Microsoft will kick off Mix 09 next month where the software company is widely expected to introduce Silverlight 3. The update will contain increased media support, including H.264 video support. The promised 3D and GPU hardware support should create a noticeable improvement in graphics.

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