Microsoft shows us the future in its 'Productivity Future Vision' video

Every few years, Microsoft creates a concept video of what it thinks the future will look like. And this year’s video plays with some familiar themes: super slim tablets, bendable displays, holograms and the natural user interface.

As you can see in the video above, Microsoft’s vision for the future involves a ton of displays strewn out pretty much everywhere. Also showing up are bendable electronics, wearable devices, and very slim tablets – hello Surface Pro 6!

While at first glance the world painted by the company seems to be a bit magical, those familiar with this series of concept demos will note there’s nothing really new here. The same themes have been present in Microsoft’s videos for years.

But while the company is working to turn some of those concepts into real life in the next five to ten years, many of the interactions shown in the video may never become reality.

With that being said it’s always great to learn that the company is looking towards the medium- and long-term future for its inspiration.

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