Microsoft Taking Official Petitions to Keep XP Alive

If you can remember back a few weeks, Steve Ballmer went on record saying that Microsoft would consider extending the life of Windows XP if enough people asked for it. Afterall, many people don't want to upgrade to Windows Vista because they are perfectly content with XP. The problem was there was no way to ask for it. Sure, you could sign one of the many online petitions, but Microsoft considers those "non-official complaints" and the rest of us simply consider them silly.

Well, word has been passed down to the tech support teams (and then on to Neowin) that they are to begin logging any calls that come in for the sole purpose of requesting an extension to the retail life of Windows XP. The calls will be logged and, if enough complaints are filed, Microsoft will consider giving XP some more time (no pinky promises, though).

If you wish to file an official petition yourself, you can simply call the Windows XP Home Edition support numbers for your country and let the operator know that you wish to file an official complaint. Because we're so nice and want to save you the trouble, here are the numbers for a majority of Neowin's visitors:

  • United States: (866) 234-6020
  • United Kingdom: 0870 60 10 100
  • Canada: (800) 936-8479
If your country isn't listed, you can visit the Microsoft Support Site, choose your country, choose Windows XP Home Edition as your product and then go to 'Contacts' for the appropriate support number.

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