Microsoft to use AMD Fusion II in next gen Xbox

Information has surfaced showing that Microsoft's next generation Xbox will feature an AMD Fusion II CPU. The reports indicate that Microsoft is in the near final stages of soldifiying its hardware plans for the next version of its popular gaming platform, the Xbox.

According to, "It looks like the next-gen XBox will be based on technology from AMD based on production at Globalfoundaries on their 28nm 'high-k gate first' process. " Intel and nVidia angered Microsoft after the initial Xbox release, which is what drove them to use the IBM Xenon processor in the Xbox 360.

While it's not known why Microsoft is now moving to AMD, one can't forget all the troubles Microsoft had when trying to make the current Xbox 360 backwards compatible. Microsoft had to invest significant resources to make games backwards compatible to the new platform, something you think they would try to avoid this time around.

Microsoft first launched the Xbox in 2001 in a tough market against Sony and Nintendo. Many scoffed at Microsoft's attempt, stating that they were late to the game and that their new platform would never take off. Nearly a decade later, Microsoft is now the leader in online gaming and continues to have a devoted following. 

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